the features of fire-rated glass, EI,EW class


  • ✓ Exterior facades: EI-type fire-rated glass is commonly used in exterior facades of buildings, particularly in areas where fire safety regulations require the use of fire-rated materials. It allows for natural light transmission while providing fire protection and insulation.
  • ✓ Stairwells and escape routes: Stairwells and escape routes require fire-rated glass that offers integrity and insulation. EI-type glass is ideal for these applications, as it helps protect individuals during evacuation and prevents the spread of fire and smoke.
  • ✓ Industrial settings:EW-type fire-rated glass is often used in industrial settings where there is a higher risk of radiant heat exposure. This includes facilities such as power plants, factories, or chemical processing plants.
  • ✓ Hazardous areas:Certain areas within buildings, such as storage rooms for flammable materials or server rooms, require fire-rated glass that can withstand radiant heat. EW-type glass is suitable for such applications, providing additional protection against heat transfer.


The double layer fire resistant has fire-resistant integrity and heat-insulating Class A(EI) fire-resistant glass, which has good fireproof and heat insulation properties, high transparency. It has longer fireproof time and higher transparency than other similar products with the same thickness,or the thinner thickness with the same fireproof time.

Thickness(mm) Class Integrity Time(min) Insulation Time(min) Temperature of Fire(℃) Maximum Size(mm)
15 EI 30 30 30 950 2000×3200
25 EI 60 60 60 980 1500×3200
48 EI 60 90 90 980 1500×4000
41 EI 120 120 120 1100 1500×3000

The glass can be combinated with Low-E glass, smart glass, or other glass to make more functions.