• Single layer fire protective glass is integrity glass,excellent optical quality and maximum light transmission.
  • ✓  Single layer fire resistant glass is a special processed glass which has the function of fireproof integrity.
  • ✓ Single layer fire protective glass has smoothly passed the states fire extinguishing systems test.
  • ✓  Single layer fire protective glass not only has superb fire resisting performance but is extremely hard for glass.
  • It is 10 to 12 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness,and 2 to 3times stronger than tempered glass.
  • ✓  Fire-rated glass that has good performances still have the fireproof and burning prevention function in temperature above 1000 degree.


  • ✓  Safe exits in commercial building/office building.
  • ✓  Residence/villa and rooming house.
  • ✓  Residence/villa and rooming house.
  • ✓  Entrance doors/windows.
  • ✓  Warm house/ceiling/balustrade and louver.
  • ✓  Curtain walls/ship windows and dome.
  • ✓  Telephone booth and bus station.


The single layer fire-resistant glass has fire-resistant integrity and belongs to Class C (E) fire-resistant glass.

Different thickness of single layer fire resistant glass are supplied, such as 6, 8, 10&12mm to follow British standard BS476 PART22, BS EN 1364-1:1999, BS EN1634-1:2008 and other standards.

Thickness(mm) Class Temperature of Fire(℃)
6 E30,E60,E90 >1100
8 E30,E60,E90 >1100
10 E30,E60,E90 >1100
12 E30,E60,E90 >1100