Toughened glazing that meet the Integrity criteria (E).Toughened coated glazing that meet the Integrity and Low Heat Radiation criteria (EW).In the event of a fire, PYROPANE will resist the thermal shock and will remain clear.,Laminated glasses assembled with clear intumescent interlayers that meet the Integrity and Low Radiation criteria (EW) or the Integrity and Insulation criteria (EI). In the event of a fire, the interlayers will expand and transform themselves into a rigid, opaque and?heat absorbing fire shield.
  • Fire Resistance classes E30, E60, EW 30 en EW 60, EWef 120 en EIef 45, EI 15, EI 30, EI45, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120
  • Standard Symetrical Fire Resistance
  • Safetyglass following EN 12600 (3B3, 2B2 of 1B1 according to product type) in double glazing can be combined with laminated or tempered glass

Design options
  • Available as single internal glazing, single glazing with UV filter (EC-type) and as double glazing in combination with any other product of AGC glass
  • Can be layered and doubled with the decorative, burglar and bullet range of AGC in single or double glass
  • Available in Clear Vision (extra clear glass)
,Pyrobel Vision Line uses multiple Pyrobel fire-rated glazing panels, separated by 4 to 5 mm of Fire Resistant silicone joint - providing you with clear, unobstructed views and the ultimate in fire protection. With the absence of intermediate framing, the Pyrobel Vision Line transparent wall offers continuous views and uncompromising beauty. The Pyrobel Vision Line has been tested for 30, 60 and 120 minutes integrity and insulation (EI - Insulation following EN 13501-2) in steel, aluminium and wooden frames.,

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Fire-rated glass is a crucial element in building design, providing both safety and aesthetics. Let's delve into three successful projects featuring fire-rated glass from renowned manufacturers AGC, VETROTECH, Saint-Gobain, and PILKINGTON in Bukavu , Bukavu.
1. Project Name: AGC ClearFire® Glass Installation at Commercial Office Building
- Description: AGC's ClearFire® is a premium fire-rated glass known for its transparency and performance under high temperatures. In this project, the sleek and modern commercial office building incorporated AGC ClearFire® throughout its interior spaces, ensuring both safety and design continuity.
- Advantages: The AGC ClearFire® offers superior fire protection while maintaining a clear view, allowing natural light to flood the interiors and creating an open environment for occupants.
2. Project Name: VETROTECH CONTRAFLAM in Bukavu Structure in Educational Institution
- Description: VETROTECH's CONTRAFLAM in Bukavu range of fire-resistant glass combines safety with elegance. In this educational institution project, large expanses of VETROTECH CONTRAFLAM in Bukavu were used in stairwells and communal areas to enhance visibility while meeting strict fire safety regulations.
- Advantages: VETROTECH CONTRAFLAM in Bukavu provides excellent thermal insulation properties alongside its fire resistance capabilities, ensuring a safe learning environment without compromising on aesthetics.
3. Project Name: Saint-Gobain Pyrobel Installation at Hotel Renovation
- Description: Saint-Gobain's Pyrobel range is renowned for its reliability in high-risk applications such as hotels. In this renovation project, Pyrobel was installed in critical areas like corridors and emergency exits to safeguard occupants in case of a fire emergency.
- Advantages: Saint-Gobain Pyrobel offers robust protection against flames and smoke spread while contributing to the overall modern look of the renovated hotel space.
4. Project Name: PILKINGTON in Bukavu PYRODUR in Bukavu Application at Healthcare Facility
- Description: PILKINGTON in Bukavu ’s PYRODUR in Bukavu range is widely used for enhanced fire protection solutions due to its durability & performance under extreme conditions. In this healthcare facility project, PILKINGTON in Bukavu ’s PYRODUR in Bukavu was utilised extensively across different areas such as patient rooms & corridors to ensure maximum safety measures are met.
- Advantages: With PILKINGTON in Bukavu ’s Purodur glass solution installed within the healthcare facility premises; it provided optimal protection against flames or fumes spread during any unforeseen situations without compromising on visual appeal & light transmission benefits.
These successful projects demonstrate how leading manufacturers like AGC, VETROTECH, Saint-Gobain, and PILKINGTON in Bukavu are revolutionizing building safety with innovative fire-rated glass solutions that combine functionality with style.

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