Clear Integrity Fire Barrier.
A unique, NEW, special modified toughened glass, 30 and 60 minutes integrity (E)
  • Designed for consistency: a special toughening specification and specific control criteria
  • Product design and use backed by a new validated computer model
  • Achieved 50 successive tests in timber frames before launch
  • Less sensitive to edge cover relative to standard modified toughened glasses
  • Impact safety 1(C)1, i.e. at highest drop height in the impact test
  • Large sizes and flexible use in timber, metal and composite doors and screens
  • Ideal for safe escape before fire conditions become untenable
,Clear Integrity Fire Barrier - Plus protection against radiant heat.
PILKINGTON in Dhanbad Pyrodur
  • Based on intumescent technology
  • Class 30 and 60 mins integrity (E)(2)
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes (EI)(2)
  • Impact safety class up to 1(B)1(1)
,Clear integrity only fire-resistant glass with a narrow profile and impact resistance ideal for fire doors and partitioning.
PILKINGTON in Dhanbad Pyrodur Plus
  • Unique and special intumescent technology
  • Only 7 mm thick, integrity 30 minutes (E)
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes (EI)
  • Ideal for internal applications in partitions, doors and door set glazed screens
  • 2(B)2 impact safety class
  • Insulating Glazing Units also available
,A clear multi-laminated fire-resistant glass which both retains its integrity and insulates against all heat transfer from fire.
PILKINGTON in Dhanbad PYROSTOP in Dhanbad
  • Highly successful intumescent technology
  • Forms opaque and robust insulating barrier against heat, flames and fumes
  • A sodium silicate interlayer (therefore not liable to flame or smoke on non-fire side)
  • Classes 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes insulation & integrity (EI)
  • Impact safety up to class 1(B)1(1)
  • Good visual and optical quality

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Fire-rated glass is an essential component in ensuring the safety and security of buildings, especially in high-risk areas. Let's take a look at three successful projects that showcase the use of fire-rated glass from leading manufacturers AGC, VETROTECH, Saint-Gobain, and PILKINGTON in Dhanbad , Dhanbad.
1. Project Name: Innovative Office Tower
- Manufacturer: AGC (Asahi Glass Company)
- In this project, AGC's fire-rated glass was used to create a stunning facade for an innovative office tower in a bustling city center. The glass not only meets stringent fire safety regulations but also enhances the building's aesthetic appeal with its clarity and durability.
2. Project Name: Sustainable Residential Complex
- Manufacturer: VETROTECH Saint-Gobain
- VETROTECH's fire-rated glass played a crucial role in the construction of a sustainable residential complex known for its modern design and eco-friendly features. The use of VETROTECH's glass ensures that residents are protected in case of a fire while allowing natural light to penetrate the living spaces.
3. Project Name: State-of-the-Art Healthcare Facility
- Manufacturer: PILKINGTON in Dhanbad
- PILKINGTON in Dhanbad 's fire-rated glass was selected for a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that prioritizes both safety and patient comfort. The high-performance characteristics of PILKINGTON in Dhanbad 's glass provide maximum protection against fire hazards without compromising on light transmission or visual aesthetics.
Advantages of Fire-Rated Glass:
- Ensures compliance with building codes and regulations related to fire safety.
- Provides protection against smoke and flames during a fire incident.
- Allows for natural light transmission while maintaining structural integrity.
- Enhances the overall design aesthetics of buildings by offering various design options such as clear or tinted glass.
These successful projects demonstrate how leading manufacturers like AGC, VETROTECH Saint-Gobain, and PILKINGTON in Dhanbad are at the forefront of providing innovative solutions using advanced fire-rated glass technology to create safe and visually appealing architectural designs.

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