Clear Integrity Fire Barrier.
A unique, NEW, special modified toughened glass, 30 and 60 minutes integrity (E)
  • Designed for consistency: a special toughening specification and specific control criteria
  • Product design and use backed by a new validated computer model
  • Achieved 50 successive tests in timber frames before launch
  • Less sensitive to edge cover relative to standard modified toughened glasses
  • Impact safety 1(C)1, i.e. at highest drop height in the impact test
  • Large sizes and flexible use in timber, metal and composite doors and screens
  • Ideal for safe escape before fire conditions become untenable
,Clear Integrity Fire Barrier - Plus protection against radiant heat.
PILKINGTON in San Rafael PYRODUR in San Rafael
  • Based on intumescent technology
  • Class 30 and 60 mins integrity (E)(2)
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes (EI)(2)
  • Impact safety class up to 1(B)1(1)
,Clear integrity only fire-resistant glass with a narrow profile and impact resistance ideal for fire doors and partitioning.
PILKINGTON in San Rafael PYRODUR in San Rafael Plus
  • Unique and special intumescent technology
  • Only 7 mm thick, integrity 30 minutes (E)
  • Protection from radiant heat (EW30) and added insurance of insulation for 15 minutes (EI)
  • Ideal for internal applications in partitions, doors and door set glazed screens
  • 2(B)2 impact safety class
  • Insulating Glazing Units also available
,A clear multi-laminated fire-resistant glass which both retains its integrity and insulates against all heat transfer from fire.
PILKINGTON in San Rafael PYROSTOP in San Rafael
  • Highly successful intumescent technology
  • Forms opaque and robust insulating barrier against heat, flames and fumes
  • A sodium silicate interlayer (therefore not liable to flame or smoke on non-fire side)
  • Classes 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes insulation & integrity (EI)
  • Impact safety up to class 1(B)1(1)
  • Good visual and optical quality

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Fire-rated glass is a game-changer in the world of architecture and design, marrying aesthetics with safety in a seamless way. Let's delve into three remarkable projects that showcase the transformative power of fire-rated glass by industry leaders AGC, Saint-Gobain, PILKINGTON in San Rafael , and VETROTECH, San Rafael.
1. AGC's Project Blaze: AGC’s fire-rated glass solution was instrumental in the construction of Project Blaze, a state-of-the-art office building in the heart of a bustling metropolis. The incorporation of AGC's fire-rated glass as windows not only ensured compliance with safety regulations but also allowed natural light to flood the workspace, promoting a productive environment for employees. The advantage lies in its ability to provide both protection and aesthetic appeal effortlessly.
2. Saint-Gobain's Fire-Resistant Doors: Saint-Gobain’s innovation shone through in their implementation of fire-rated glass doors at Project Guardian, a high-rise residential complex. These doors not only enhance the overall design scheme but also act as an effective barrier against smoke and flames during emergencies. The advantage here is twofold: combining functionality with elegance for a truly secure living space.
3. PILKINGTON in San Rafael 's Partition Prowess: PILKINGTON in San Rafael took center stage with their use of fire-rated glass partitions at Project Horizon, an innovative coworking space that prioritizes safety without compromising on style. These partitions create designated areas while allowing for an open-plan feel, fostering collaboration among occupants. The advantage? A perfect blend of form and function that elevates any modern workspace.
4. VETROTECH's Transparent Tranquility: VETROTECH’s fire-rated glass installations at Project Serenity exemplify how safety can seamlessly integrate with breathtaking design elements. By using VETROTECH products for windows throughout this luxury hotel project, guests can enjoy panoramic views while being assured of top-tier fire protection standards behind every pane.
In conclusion, these successful projects underscore how fire-rated glass from industry leaders like AGC, Saint-Gobain, PILKINGTON in San Rafael , and VETROTECH not only elevate architectural endeavors but also prioritize safety without compromising on aesthetics or functionality – truly transforming spaces into sanctuaries where form meets function seamlessly!

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