Clear fire-rated safety glass with high impact and mechanical strength for interior & exterior applications
PYROSWISS is the original clear, fire-protective glass technology with full safety glass characteristics. This tempered safety glass features a special edge treatment designed to withstand high thermal stress. This prevents early breakage due to fire, keeping the affected area sealed. Free from UV-sensitive interlayers or embedded wires, PYROSWISS provides high transparency and light transmission, offering design freedom for interior and exterior applications.
  • Clear fire-rated safety glass maintains integrity for 20- or 45-minutes Starting at ¼ in thickness for 20 minute20-minute rating  
  • Impact Safety Rating: ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16CFR 1201-CAT II, CAN/CGSB - 12.1-M90 
  • High light transmission values of up to 89% 
  • Lightweight for easy, secure handling and installation 
  • Economical, durable, and reliable 
,Fire-rated glass-ceramic with high impact resistance for protective applications
KERALITE in Zamboanga City Select fire-rated glass ceramic products are available with film or laminate for accidental human impact safety protection. Safety film applied to the surface provides a cost effective and light-weight fire-protective glazing solution. Laminating KERALITE in Zamboanga City adds durability and sound reduction and is an ideal solution for high traffic areas. Both KERALITE in Zamboanga City and KERALITE in Zamboanga City Select, either in filmed or laminated safety glazing variants, can be a solution for fire doors, transoms and sidelights.
  • 3/16" (filmed) or 5/16" (laminated) thickness 
  • Impact safety rating ( CPSC 16CFR 1201-CAT II, CAN/CGSB - 12.1-M90, ANSI Z97.1 ) 
  • Visible light transmission values (VLT) of up to  85% 
  • Sound transmission class values (STC) up to  34(laminated) 
  • Translucent and opaque privacy laminate ( KERALITE in Zamboanga City Privacy) available 
  • LCA, UL listed EPDs and HPD 2.0 documents available 
  • Contributes to LEED project points 
  • Available as an insulated glass unit (IGU)
,The most versatile solution for applications demanding maximum Fire-Resistive protection in the largest possible dimensions.
CONTRAFLAM in Zamboanga City is a single or multi-chamber fire-resistive glass made of two or more sheets of toughened safety glass. The cavity between the glass sheets is sealed to be completely moisture-resistant, is then filled with an environmentally friendly, transparent and UV-stable intumescent interlayer that reacts when exposed to fire. The level of fire resistance required determines the number of sheets of toughened safety glass and interlayers included.
In the event of fire, it offers full heat insulation for the compartmentalization of fire. This product satisfies the highest demands of fire protection while offering robust handling and UV stability, with numerous configurations available.
  • Available in single, double, or triple glazing (IGU) 
  • Rated for full fire-resistance from 45 to 120 minutes 
  • Symmetrical 1(B)1 impact resistance (EN 12600)
  • Extended exposure time of 5,000 hours UV stability versus standard 2,000 hours 
  • Large variety of low-E and solar control coatings  
  • Exceptional U values (double glazing ≥ 0.9 W/m²K, triple glazing ≥ 0.5 W/m²) 
  • Available in large dimensions 
  • Moisture- and pressure-resistant edge sealing for extended durability 
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties 
  • Many design and comfort options 
  • Manufactured locally for fast delivery and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Can serve as laminated safety glass  
  • Easy, secure handling and installation 
,Butt-joint fire-resistant glazing system for interior & exterior applications (under specific conditions)
CONTRAFLAM in Zamboanga City Structure sets new standards in the design of transparent fire protection. The floor-to-ceiling glazing system provides a continuous, uninterrupted glass wall, joined only with silicone. Made of CONTRAFLAM in Zamboanga City fire-resistant glass, CONTRAFLAM in Zamboanga City Structure is engineered to achieve the mechanical resistance required to support interior wall line-loads and offer superior edge aesthetic.
  • Available in single, double (DGU),  
  • Available in Fire-Resistive ratings for 60 and 120 minutes.  
  • Symmetrical  impact resistance (ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16CFR 1201-CAT II, CAN/CGSB - 12.1-M90 ) 
  • Extended exposure time of 5,000 hours. Outstanding durability and UV-stability.  
  • Available in large dimensions of up to 138 1/2in exposed for 60 minute rating, 126in exposed for 120 minute rating. 
  • Visually continuous expanse of glass delivers maximum transparency  
  • Symmetrical butt-joint fire protection 
  • For interior and exterior applications* (*under specific conditions) 
  • Portrait and landscape applications tested 
  •  Ceramic frit back-painted vertical edges in any colorSlim silicone joints in black 
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties  

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Fire-rated glass is a critical component in buildings where safety is paramount. Three successful projects that have utilized fire-rated glass from renowned manufacturers include:
1. AGC - Project: Office Tower Renovation
AGC, a leading manufacturer of fire-rated glass, provided their innovative products for a major office tower renovation project. The use of AGC's fire-rated glass not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the building but also ensured compliance with stringent fire safety regulations. The project showcased how AGC's advanced technology can seamlessly blend safety and style in modern architecture, Zamboanga City.
2. VETROTECH - Project: Hospitality Complex Expansion
VETROTECH, known for its high-performance fire-resistant glass solutions, played a crucial role in the expansion of a prestigious hospitality complex. By incorporating VETROTECH's fire-rated glass panels, the project not only met strict fire protection standards but also created a visually stunning environment for guests and visitors. The project demonstrated VETROTECH's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for architectural challenges.
3. Saint-Gobain - Project: Educational Institution Upgrade
Saint-Gobain, a trusted name in the construction industry, contributed its expertise in fire-rated glass to an educational institution upgrade project. The installation of Saint-Gobain's top-quality fire-resistant glass enhanced the safety features of the campus buildings while allowing ample natural light to permeate indoor spaces. This project highlighted Saint-Gobain's dedication to combining safety and sustainability in architectural design.
Each of these successful projects illustrates the advantages of using fire-rated glass from leading manufacturers like PILKINGTON in Zamboanga City , AGC, VETROTECH, and Saint-Gobain. These advantages include:
- Enhanced Fire Safety: Fire-rated glass provides vital protection by containing flames and smoke during an emergency.
- Aesthetic Appeal: Modern advancements allow for sleek designs without compromising on safety.
- Natural Light Transmission: Fire-rated glass allows ample natural light to enter spaces while ensuring safety standards are met.
- Compliance with Regulations: Utilizing high-quality fire-resistant glass ensures adherence to building codes and regulations.
In conclusion, integrating fire-rated glass from reputable manufacturers into architectural projects not only prioritizes safety but also offers innovative design possibilities for diverse applications across various industries.

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