Toughened glazing that meet the Integrity criteria (E).Toughened coated glazing that meet the Integrity and Low Heat Radiation criteria (EW).In the event of a fire, PYROPANE will resist the thermal shock and will remain clear.,Laminated glasses assembled with clear intumescent interlayers that meet the Integrity and Low Radiation criteria (EW) or the Integrity and Insulation criteria (EI). In the event of a fire, the interlayers will expand and transform themselves into a rigid, opaque and?heat absorbing fire shield.
  • Fire Resistance classes E30, E60, EW 30 en EW 60, EWef 120 en EIef 45, EI 15, EI 30, EI45, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120
  • Standard Symetrical Fire Resistance
  • Safetyglass following EN 12600 (3B3, 2B2 of 1B1 according to product type) in double glazing can be combined with laminated or tempered glass

Design options
  • Available as single internal glazing, single glazing with UV filter (EC-type) and as double glazing in combination with any other product of AGC glass
  • Can be layered and doubled with the decorative, burglar and bullet range of AGC in single or double glass
  • Available in Clear Vision (extra clear glass)
,Pyrobel Vision Line uses multiple Pyrobel fire-rated glazing panels, separated by 4 to 5 mm of Fire Resistant silicone joint - providing you with clear, unobstructed views and the ultimate in fire protection. With the absence of intermediate framing, the Pyrobel Vision Line transparent wall offers continuous views and uncompromising beauty. The Pyrobel Vision Line has been tested for 30, 60 and 120 minutes integrity and insulation (EI - Insulation following EN 13501-2) in steel, aluminium and wooden frames.,

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When it comes to fire-rated glass, three successful projects featuring industry leaders AGC, VETROTECH, and Saint-Gobain showcase the innovative applications and advantages of this specialized material, Edmonton.
1. AGC Project: The Shard
AGC's fire-rated glass was a critical component in the iconic London skyscraper known as The Shard. This project utilized AGC's advanced fire-resistant glass to ensure safety without compromising on aesthetics. The high-performance characteristics of AGC's fire-rated glass provided peace of mind while offering stunning views from one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
2. VETROTECH Project: Burj Khalifa
VETROTECH's fire-rated glass played a vital role in the construction of the world-famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai. As one of the tallest buildings globally, safety was paramount, making VETROTECH's reliable fire-resistant glass an ideal choice. The project showcased how VETROTECH's innovative solutions could meet stringent safety requirements without sacrificing design flexibility.
3. Saint-Gobain Project: One World Trade Center
Saint-Gobain’s fire-rated glass was integral to the construction of One World Trade Center in New York City. This landmark building required top-tier safety measures without compromising its architectural grandeur. Saint-Gobain’s high-quality fire-resistant glass provided optimal protection against fire hazards while maintaining transparency and aesthetic appeal.
Advantages of Fire-Rated Glass:
Fire-rated glass offers numerous advantages, including:
- Providing crucial protection during a fire incident by containing flames and smoke.
- Maintaining visibility and transparency for enhanced aesthetics and natural light transmission.
- Meeting building code requirements for safety compliance.
- Offering design versatility with various options such as clear or tinted glass finishes.
- Enhancing overall property value by prioritizing occupant safety and well-being.
These successful projects exemplify how leading manufacturers like AGC, VETROTECH, and Saint-Gobain are revolutionizing architectural design with their cutting-edge fire-rated glass solutions.

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